Tummy Ache

Reportedly Lake wasn’t so interested in the applause on Day Three. There must be a story there. He’s intelligent. When he elegantly illustrates this, it probably shouldn’t, but sometimes it takes me by surprise. Turns out he knows inherently how to take such good care of himself. 

Tuesday night (Wednesday morning actually) was terrible. From 3am to 8am he was crying shrilly and inconsolably. The only thing that comforted him was to keep him on the breast. He ate from 3-4:30 am but then he didn’t go back to sleep the way he normally will if he gets up in the middle of the night, which is in and of itself rare. So then Michael and I were up with him the rest of the night. 

He was sounding in pain. We did not know what was wrong. It was distressing. Every time he would lose his latch he would revert to his cry. In retrospect I think it was the applesauce. A bit overboard on the applesauce at daycare. The well intentioned daycare providers fed him applesauce twice on Monday. Apparently he really liked it. It was his first food, and when I had authorized giving him fruit or vegetables to eat. I’d meant it to be a bit of a distraction in emergencies until I arrived to breastfeed him. Well, he had applesauce three times on Tuesday, where he ate “most of the applesauce” each time. 
Wednesday morning around 8am, just before getting us both ready to head out the door, I had the thought, 

maybe it’s the applesauce. 

So I have him some adult probiotics. So far he had only had neonatal probiotics with bacteria for exclusively breastfeeding babies. So I opened a capsule of my probiotics and shook it in his mouth. He made a face as he smacked on the dry powder, then promptly fell asleep. Into a deep restorative sleep. 

He slept most of the day. He even slept through the daycare fire drill. They piled three other babies in his crib and rolled him outside. He stayed peacefully asleep. And he refused the applesauce. 

Today he’s his old self again. Happy-go-Lucky good natured fellow. Ah, happy Thanksgiving! Thankful to be looking forward to four days of mummy bliss together with him the whole time!

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays as well!                                                                                                                              

2 thoughts on “Tummy Ache

  1. Perhaps they should try some really thin baby rice cereal. Not gassy and easy on the tummy and filling.
    24 relatives AR Grandma’s house. I’m glad I hack an excuse to hang out in the bedroom.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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