More Moving 

We are still very busy with moving. One of the weekends’ projects was to organize the keys. When one thinks of the finalé of buying a house: the official closing date and “getting the keys” one thinks of a nice big brass key on a beautiful ring. Not inheriting this mess and then having to have a go at sorting it out. Friday night Lake and I were locked out for more than 20 minutes in the cold because I had grabbed a key labeled “house” that did not open the front door. 

Our new Keys!

More moving-in is on the agenda! I estimate we are 90% unpacked and 75% moved in. That is an overall increase from yesterday’s estimate of 80% and 60% respectively. So good work us! We were especially motivated by a meeting we had volunteered to host in our home a few months back. That meeting/tea party was yesterday! So we hustled to get the living room appropriately arranged in the knick of time. I was very pleased to get the mantle decorated with a few bits of holiday cheer. Our Christmas miracle was the procurement of stocking hangers: Nana scoured the city and managed to assemble a matching set of beautiful and functional metal Christmas stocking mantle hangers!
Quarterly Alumni officers meeting of the LKS Pharmaceutical Fraternity.

Lucky for us, Nana is staying with us in our mother-in-law auxiliary dwelling unit (MIL AUD). It’s so great to have her here! We took the opportunity last night to go out for a dinner date.

One last hug before leaving Lake with Nana

It was so cold, but we walked a romantic two blocks under a misty waxing moon to Village Sushi, our new local sushi restaurant. So fun to have a new neighborhood to explore: the Upper Ave has changed a lot recently, and significant renovations continue. 

Nana babysitting Lake for a wee bit before he fell soundly asleep
After our date we came home to watch an impromptu film on our new living room wall. Plenty of room on our main floor for a Popcorn Party with Nana! All we were missing was Grandpa! An Idiot Abroad explores China and the Great Wall turned out to be a funny cap on a productive Saturday! 

Today… more moving continues… beds, and blinds, and keys! And hopefully a little bit of yoga!

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