Good Ole Days

My dad referred to these as the “good ole days”. These days… of this here… three day weekend we just enjoyed. We cherished every moment of these past few rainy days together. Lake had a grand ole time. Inch wormin’ and scootin’ and rollickin’ … working on his crawl and his other basic survival skills: being charming. 

We did laundry and car maintenance and sorting/tidying and went walking and ate really well. Lake relished all his grandparents’ attention. I relished being off-duty for a bit and being able to read a novel. One day we will be looking back on these as the good ole days. Why not inhale them fully and enjoy them wholeheartedly in the present? These good current days. 

Carpe diem! Thank you Nana and Papa for the special Presidential weekend! We’re glad we spent it with you…

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