Have Fun!

Jo says to me as I head out the door for yoga this morning…

Have fun!

This is a really common send-off in Germany to say have a good time, viel spaß! It makes sense that she’s said this to me several times now. I just wouldn’t expect it in English typically. Have a good time, maybe, but…

Have fun at yoga, Tolle!

So, it’s starting to make an impact on me. She’s making an impression. I don’t typically associate yoga sessions with fun, per se. Health and relaxation and exercise and strength and flexibility of body and mind, but not fun, exactly. Jo, however, was working her weekend on my behalf so that I might go to this yoga session. Therefore I thought I’d try it out at least out of respect to her giving me this gift of a morning for hot yoga. Have fun at yoga, Tolle. 

So I went to hot yoga and gosh, if I didn’t have Fun! I smiled at myself gleefully in the mirror. I smiled a lot. I laughed when the teacher made a joke. I laughed when I lost my balance. I laughed when I found inner strength and kept my balance. I experienced the poses with a sense of humor. I explored the sensations with a sense of fun. Levity. Curiosity. Mirth. An open mind. Another smile! Ninety minutes of hot yoga fun…

It worked. I had fun! Why not? It’s my morning. My time to myself. My every moment that comprises my life, after all! I can have some fun with it. Or a a lot of fun even! We invite you too…

Viel spaß!

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