We ❤️ Seattle Parks

Carkeek Park – solitude
Carkeek Park lounger
Carkeek Park hiker
Greenlake spacious lawns

Ravenna, Cowen, Greenlake, Discovery, Carkeek, Matthew’s Beach… we love our city parks. We’re happy for the opportunity to focus on exploring more of them. Last week amidst the heat wave we were both especially loving the nearby beaches. Lake played in the water. The girls lolled on the daisy littered lawn. We beat the heat! We never tire of our tried and true local neighborhood parks. Now that the zoo is closed and parks like Golden Gardens, Gasworks, and Alki Beach are notoriously packed, we’re nudged to visit some parks that are less familiar to us or a little more out of the way. We accept the challenge and are enriched by it!

Matthew’s Beach Bathing Beauty

A perfect day at the park! I’m glad I spent it with you outside exploring…

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