Ketchikan Complete

These kids came back to the lower 48 today! We had a short and sweet meeting at the airport. They were dressed in fleece jackets and had to quickly adjust for the heat! Bye bye cold rainy Alaska— hello heat wave!

After spending a week with Lady Kitty glued to him, Michael said, “now I know what it’s like to be you, Tolle!” As far as appendages go, she’s a really lovely one.

Then he continued, “I’ve had plenty of time to observe her this week I’ve concluded… she’s a lot like you, Tolle.”

“Oh?” Of course I want to hear more. To me she’s confident, funny, strong, grounded, keenly observant, and pragmatic.

“She likes to hold hands.”

Yes she does! And with that quick turnaround the kids are off to The Lake with NanaBabaa!

A perfect moment, I’m glad I spent it with you!

2 thoughts on “Ketchikan Complete

  1. Hi TOLLE,

    Lake and Lady Kitty are on “the move” going from Ketchikan to Newman Lake! When Lake returns home Neil and I would love to take him to the beach, Wedgwood Pool or the zoo.

    We love your delightfully happy family!
    Enjoy this glorious sunshine plus many fun “dates” together while your little ones are off with BabbaNana Newman Laking it!

    Neil and Janet 🎉🥳🎉

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