Cozy Mama

“You’re so cozy, Mama! It’s nice to have a Mama.” says Lady Kitty. “I love my Mama. Mama is my best friend!”

“When I’m bigger I wear all your dresses Mama. When you’re small you can wear all my dresses Mama. I wear your dresses when I’m bigger.”

Wisdom of self-love from Lady Kitty: “Do you like this guy, Mama? I like this guy.” Lady Kitty asked me referencing me and then herself.

Christmas tree love 💕

Lake Something funny Lake said: “I like orange juice and water. I just want you to know I like water better than orange juice. Without water we couldn’t live. I love water. Water is so tasty and relaxing.”

Then Lake did, “I wish you a good life Lady Kitty. I wish us all a good life.”

Sitting near Santa’s lap — 2022