A serious moment during the vows which were otherwise joyous with levity.

Mummy and Daddy were married in a hurricane, “Hurricane Cupid”, Michael says. Warm weather, high winds, and torrential downpours churned out from the Japanese Typhoon Songda, and caught the edge of Washington state that day with a vengeance. We were gathered together in an intimate ceremony under the Rose Garden pavilion outside the Woodland Park Zoo. The rain streaming down. It was über romantic and charmingly memorable. Julie had provided gorgeous flowers for the wedding party. Roses of course.

Here’s the sweet spot revisited in summertime

There was a bit of a timing miscommunication. I had said to Michael regarding the guest count which we were trying to keep at a minimum, “so with the photographer that brings us up to 9 [guests]” for the 10 o’clock nuptials. He understood “pictures at 9 [am]” and so the groom and his party were accordingly in situ since about 8:30. There were, however, no regrets or anxiety leading up to the 10 o’clock ceremony. It all flowed perfectly! Michael and family were having a great time savoring the moment. The bride showed up (hair done, makeup on) at 10:10. Sopping wet. In spite of all that, it was a perfect day.

We had a post wedding brunch at Cafe Turko, their first location in Fremont. Julie provided the delicious lemon cake from Flying Apron (gluten free and vegan). Cafe Turko rose to the occasion and played a special cake cutting song and brought out cake plates and dessert forks. It was all spontaneous. For a $3 total plating fee. Love those guys. The other guests in the cafe loved it too. They were all watching and clapping for the cake eating exchange. What a special occasion… Such an unbridled fresh innocent celebration.

We honeymooned in Port Townsend. That’s a separate story.