Cast of Characters: Luisa

Luisa Jehle comes to us from a small village in the south of Germany quite near the Swiss border. She saw us through Lake’s substantive early toddler years from 19 to 37 months. Mr. Silky, our cat, is particularly attracted to her and likes to hide out in her room. Luisa is a great traveler and up for most anything. When she arrived she was still carrying Lake in the Baby Bjorn. During her tenure she graduated him to walking about a mile to the UW Health Sciences shuttle stop on his own two feet. Michael is famous for quoting, “Luisa can stay with us as long as she likes, as far as I’m concerned.” She has added a strong, gentle, steady presence to our home. Luisa is:






And to that we can add extraordinarily patient! Luisa is a blessing in our family. She and Lake have a calm and easy compatibility. She speaks devotedly to him in German and he talks back incessantly in English. He can count to ten in German upon request.

Lake and Luisa on March 26th of 2019 at the University of Washington Quad.