Prenatal Period 

Pregnancy has been a precious journey. Continuously full of new sensations, trials and tribulations. Right upon implantation the first sensation of being pregnant, breast tenderness… so soon to even think it might be our baby coming into this world. “I think we are bringing someone home with us from holiday,” I shyly whispered to my partner. The reality wasn’t quite real yet.  The first of many internally felt limb stretches at week 10. The feeling of him being a fully grown person inside me, hiccoughing, stretching, swimming, kick-turning… Reflecting at 40 weeks doing yoga (pictured below): he’s been an extraordinarily wonderful co-resident, a sentiment I’ve maintained throughout pregnancy. He had it good! Constantly held and rocked with continuous TPN… No wonder he waited until 41 weeks to be coaxed outside!

The trials of the prenatal period have been varied and ephemeral. Many helped by yoga or patience for something new to come along and replace one symptom or syndrome for another. Low threshold for nausea. Sciatica. Insomnia. Restless legs. Body lice. Recurring urinary tract infections. Secondary vaginal candidiasis. Brackston-Hicks contractions while running or walking up sometimes even the slightest incline. Snoring (very softly). Frequent urination. Nose bleeds. Plantar fasciitis. Dependent edema. Acid reflux. Heavy breathing. Varicose veins.

The counterbalancing triumphs have been constant and overpowering. It was a glorious pregnancy. Everything I dreamed of and more.