Lady Kitty’s Happy Birthday

Lady Kitty had been looking forward to celebrating her happy birthday at Baba House for quite some time. The time finally arrived, and they went off to have a splendid half-term holiday.

Lady Kitty said, “Good bye-bye! A big hug and a big tiss [kiss]?? Another hug!”

They had a great time with their NanaBaba : Team Extraordinaire.

Lady Kitty asked me, “Do you have some kind of suit like this?” No, unfortunately I don’t I told her. “Maybe you can wear this one… when you get three!” she answered with a laugh and a twinkle in both eyes.

She’s becoming her own person. She knows her preferences.

“I don’t like sriracha. I don’t like psice [spice].”

And if these photos are any indication, she might prefer firefighter to pretty dresses.

Party Princess with sad face

Although, Lake zoomed in, looked really closely at the photos, though and proclaimed “naw, she was just cold. Look pimples! [goosebumps]!”

She is getting bigger day by day.

She celebrates it: “I’m three-girl. I’m on three! I’m three but I need a mamas to come with me when I do anything. But when I’m bigger…”

Linnéa shared this sweet anecdote …

“I can’t be at two places at once” Linnéa told Lady Kitty
“Why” she asked
“Because I’m only one person,” Linnéa answered.
“I thought you were two persons!” She said with the biggest smile that made it obvious that she was joking. Linnéa reflected, “I can tell she’s growing up as she’s been joking with me more and more! So sweet☺️”

And I’ll leave you with some kids comedy:

“What do you call this kind of melon?” Lady Kitty asked, as both of the kids delightedly gobbled it up.

“Cantaloupe,” I said

“That’s an animal too,” explained Lake to his little sister, in teacher voice.

“That’s not an antelope. It’s a cat a lope,” refuted Lady Kitty with worldly wisdom and seriousness. 😂 She holds her own.

Lady Kitty Loves Mama

Where you going Lady Kitty? “To the twerium. How bout you do dis? How bout dat?”

“I like you Mama. Don’t die Mama.” Lady Kitty says this often.

“I love you too Lady Kitty,” I say.

“Do you want me to don’t die?” She asks.

“Well, we all die someday, Lady Kitty. I hope that day is a long time from now for both of us,” I say.

“Mama you’re cute. You’re a cutie pie. Mama your first name is cutie pie. Then your nother name is Tolle.”

Regarding seeing Michael and my wedding photos, “Was I there? I want to be there next time. I wanna be mewied [married] to you. Can I please be mewied to you?”

Lady Kitty likes to race into my home office and lock the door and scuttle under my standing desk, racing away from Linnéa any chance she gets. She gets comfortable and reflective on growing. “I’m going [growing]. When I get big I can’ [can’t] fit in hew [here]. I wanna get big like my Mama.”

“It’s nice to have a happy mama and a done with work mama.”

“N-O-P,” Lady Kitty is singing over and over like a loud lullaby to Mr. Cat. She’s heard Lake call her nap time. N-O-P [N-A-P] As in we’re spelling it so she won’t catch on and Lakes picked up on it as well, and has added his own twist on the spelling of ‘nap’. Except it sounds like the cats out of the bag. She seems to know exactly what a N-O-P is! And it’s N-O-P time for Mr. Cat.

“Mama, am I going right now in Baba house? When I get my clothes on? For my happy birthday? Can I please go in Baba house right now?”

Then she gets reflective … “Mama— I don’t know how to have a birthday.”

“Maybe you could ask Lake and Linnéa. They’ve had a lot of birthdays…”

Lady Kitty said, “I’m gonna ask only Bro Bro.”

He’s her other big love.

“I’m a big girl and a tiny girl at the same time. Can can I be a little girl, a big girl and a baby the same time? And a baby? Puz Michael call me Baby. Peez mama”

Yes, darling girl.

“Dank you Mama!”