5000th Photo

This is us today hanging out on the 8th floor skybridge at Harborview. One of our favorite lunch spots. And now this just happens to be the 5,000th photo stored on my phone since my baby shower less than a year ago. We think he’s pretty photogenic. I guess that makes us paparazzi parents. I hear that’s a thing. Oh well! Another perfect day in paradise… captured on camera!

Milk Man 

Lake’s made basically totally of milk. My milk. So far. I have a strong feeling that is all about to change. We seem on the brink of a food revolution. Now when I eat my lunch while he eats his, there are competing interests. Milk, carrot, milk, carrot… he’s not sure where his loyalties lie. I think I may be the only mother in the world who is telling their child, 

no honey, maybe later… you may have a carrot this afternoon. 

Last weekend I was eating a pear while carrying him in the Baby Björn during our Costco shop. Suddenly he’s eating off the other side. Then he’s holding it. Pear Snatcher. He’s putting his eight well formed teeth to good use. 

As you can see here, carrots are an especially common theme. 

And then after dinner last night while I was washing dishes he found a bag of garlic grown by Katie and her family. We are planning on planting it soon so it’s in a paper bag on a low kitchen shelf. Lake played with the bag for quite a bit, then worked himself out a pretty nice plump purply bulb of garlic. He examined it with great care and played with it thoughtfully for a while. Then… Chomp!

And then he was perfectly happy double-fisting a carrot and a garlic bulb. One bite of carrot. One bite of garlic. Carrot. Garlic. Carrot. Garlic. Carrot Garlic. This went along for a long stretch. And he got really happy!

And then along came mummy with a mango. 

I’ll take what she’s having please. 

One taste and he was sold. Game over! It was Pandora’s cornucopia. He was in heaven. Vegan heaven! My Milk Man is awakening to the discovery that there’s a whole world of fruits and vegetables waiting for him out there!