Father’s Day Hike

We beautifully executed our first day hike of the season…. so timely for Father’s Day! Today we joined Michael’s Bellevue cousins and headed for our version of the freedom of the hills: Twin Falls. We were aiming for a level of ambition commensurate with our current ragtag skill set and conditioning status. This pretty little trio of waterfalls out I 90 east, not too far, nailed it perfectly. Fresh forest air, impressive waterfall action and daring wooden foot paths, bridges and overlooks. Lake had a blast! He loves his Daddy and he loves “hiking” in the carrier. I think the feeling is mutual. We ate lots of trail snacks and also relished a big family barbecue afterwards. A perfect day! Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful husbands and fathers, and most especially mine!

Off to an energetic start!
Father and son hiking along, all smiles!
Devil’s Club taller than we are!
Rest stop!
Made it to Twin Falls!
I love my family!
My Blessed Boys!

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