The Nutcracker

What a wonderful holiday tradition… to go to see the Pacific Northwest Ballet Nutcracker together with your best friend. Jessica and I had been together one time before to see the Maurice Sendak version in grade school. We came in to Seattle from Quinault on the school bus for a memorable experience thanks to the Bishop’s grant for sharing the performing arts. And now, thirty years later, we came to see the new Ian Falconer version. We were wowed with George Balanchine’s classic choreography, hearing Tchaikovsky performed to perfection three rows in front of us in the orchestra pit, and absorbing the enchanting whimsy of Falconer’s (Olivia) set and costumes. Altogether it creates an unforgettable Christmas experience.

…and the dancing! Breathtakingly beautiful. Pure beauty! I could rave for days. So special to be part of the PNB Nutcracker tradition! Extra special to share it with your childhood friend and her daughter. It will be treat to be able to include Lake one of these years.

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