The law of entropy is definitely at work in Lake’s sphere of influence. Entropy: the trend toward disorder. Lake can help a bit, but I feel I spend a daily amount of energy returning order in the closed thermodynamic system that is our household. It’s invaluable to have the calming presence of the cats and Luisa and Michael, all very much in contrast to Lake’s uncanny ability to scatter an organized set of absolutely anything. And he seems to have so many sets of toys that are meant to stay together but are designed to come apart. Stacking blocks, and stacking rings, Legos and Mega Bloks, and bath animals and a fishing set, wooden puzzles, and a picnic set with sliceable wooden fruits and vegetables which also come apart. Even when each set has its own bag or box or basket, by the end of the day there is inevitably an equidistant scattering of equivalent size homogenized objects littering all Lake accessible areas. The fish are with the blocks are with the rings are with the Legos. What can I say: he likes to mix things up! And it’s somehow still a perfect day.

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