Spring Forward

We set our clocks forward this morning and it was as if we were sprung into perpetual motion. We were solar powered! We went to the zoo, then came home to the tiniest of naps. While we were finishing up the yard work, Lake decided we should bicycle to and around Greenlake. He suggestively brought out his helmet and the bicycle trailer.

After our lap around the Lake, which was essentially a dog parade, Puppy! Puppy! Puppy! we spent a good long while at the Greenlake shore, playing in the sand and being friendly with the other families that came to sun themselves too we outlasted them all, then rode back home to rest.

Toy Flotsam

Chickadee Music Together has been a great experience for Lake. He’s been in attendance since he was 7 1/2 months old, and he’s usually the king of the room, the most into it, dancing around in the center of the circle having the best time! One unintended consequence and unexpected benefit is that he’s great at picking up his toys. During the 45 minute class that is comprised of may songs the teacher distributes different instruments or scarves for each song, then after that all the students have to put them back in the basket. After each song, so the children get a lot of practice putting their playthings away, back in the basket. So now it’s a glorious practice… The toy flotsam that hijacks your Beautiful House and leaves you with a Fun House: he picks it up! And tosses it in the gorgeous woven baskets we have strategically located around the house.

So proud!