Ai Ai

One of our objectives in coming to Switzerland was to allow Lake a chance to practice his German and have some real utility for it. At home Lake’s way of saying “gentle pets” is Ai Ai. We thought he’d made it up. Then I heard my friends here saying Ai Ai as well. It turns out Ai Ai is the German way of gently admonishing to be gentle. I swear Luisa, his German au pair, denied knowing this so we’d reasoned he’d made it up. Sometimes you have to go all the way to Switzerland to uncover the truth.

Here’s a recent scene from home where Mr. Cat seems to approve and appreciate Lake’s command of the concept Ai Ai:

Meanwhile, also on the home front: the other two of our cats are still working out their emotions with the transition (addition of third kitty). It hasn’t been easy but as with most things in life, patience goes a long way towards graciousness. As it turns out, Mr. Silky seems to have a crush on Miss Kitty. He is, however, not always sattvic in his demonstrations. There are moments though where glimpses of a peaceful future come through. Yin and yang:

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