Baby Dotes; Baby Boats

Lake can’t get enough of hopping and jumping and talking there’s days! Talking about his experiences. Talking about our weekend trips to Bainbridge Island (“boat!”) and the Woodland Park Zoo (dotes!). He is so enthusiastic and engaged.

[August 9, 2018 in Ravenna Park]

For example, as we left the zoo last time in response to my “say bye bye to the animals”, he started in on his rendition of our visit. He remembered all the animals that we saw during our three hour visit. “Bye-bye: Affe (Colobus monkeys, red ruffled and ringtail Lemur, two cows, ‘Dotes’ (goats), baby ‘dote’ (Pygmy goat), ‘ba’ (sheep), ‘Lola’ (Yola the toddler gorilla), Duck, hippos…”

As the week has progressed the “Dotes” and “Lola” have most strongly withstood the test of time to come out on top seemingly as his favorites.

Along this theme, his current favorite book is “Where the Wild Things Are” written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. He calls it “cow” and points out the wild things as “cow” and “Lola,” qualified as “Affe.” “Daddy, Mummy” also get thrown in there where Max is pictured riding on the shoulders of one of the wild things. “Max” is interchangeable for “Lake.”

He now likes to put in book and song requests. Baby Boats is his favorite lullaby, compliments of his time with Nana. It is a sweet song my mama raised me on, too. So it’s “cow” (read Where the Wild Things Are), “Affe” (looking at the pictures) “Dotes!” (Thinking about the Zoo) “Baby Dotes!” (more zoo… wait,! Rhymes with:) “Baby. Boats.” And the we sing:

Baby boats and silver moon

Sailing in the sky,

Sailing o’re a sea of dreams

As the clouds go by.

Sail, Baby, sail,

Out across the sea,

Only don’t forget to sail

Back again to me, back again to me.

Baby’s fishing for a dream,

Fishing near and far.

His line’s a silver moonbeam,

His bait’s a silver star.

Sail, Baby, sail,

Out across the sea,

Only don’t forget to sail

Back again to me, back again to me.

All day and reactivated at bedtime, he truly is a joy! A perfect day, every day, I’m glad I spent it with you.

This was originally written July 22, 2018 and has been pending my account upgrade. tbv

Cow Bell

This morning Lake and I couldn’t stop laughing. It all started with him asking for juice. Oh, did Nana give you juice? I started laughing. Well, I don’t think we have any juice sweetheart. Here we only have tea. I laughed some more. Lake started laughing. Nana, juice! Then we started laughing big peals of laughter. When the laughing died down. Lake would get his impish grin and say Juice! And start laughing. That would get me laughing again. It was contagious! Laugh Yoga!

So I made him some Tazo Passion tea with ice and stevia. And we had another good laugh about how Nana spoiled him with juice! He dinged the glass with his fingernail and said Bell! I didn’t quite catch it… was it Boy? Was it Blue? Bell! He said several times. Then he started miming something near his neck. Bell. Bell. *Cow* bell. Cow bell? Oh! Of courses, Bell! It set me off again in gales of laughter. He merrily joined in the fun. And more laughing yoga ensued!

A perfect day… for laughter and tea! I’m so glad I spent it with you, Lake!