I Heart B’ham

We made it a family day for a Sunday Drive to Bellingham and environs. We spent a beautiful day soaking in the autumn sun and bucolic views of Marietta, Everson, and Sudden Valley. Visiting with dear friends (their chickens!) and some of the nicest farmers around. I try to go every year with Katie and her girls to the organic heirloom edible squash farm at 6992 Nooksak Road in Everson. It’s a hidden gem for sure! Lake had a blast this year petting the kitty and the dog, admiring the shaggy steer, choosing a complimentary pumpkin (“that’s Lake’s pumpkin) and getting little red wagon rides from the Farmer Compton.

Lake said, “so many trees” as we walked through the forest of Whatcom County…

After a lovely and contemplative walk around Geneva Lake of the Stimpton Family Nature Preserve, Lake investigates the flora with botanist Katie. As dusk was falling we said goodbye to our friends and a quick hello to our cousins who live nearby. As we were having tea and catching up on life we noticed the coaster on the coffee table: I Heart ❤️ B’ham. It’s true. As my undergrad alma mater and host to lovely people and scenery, I do “heart B’ham!” After today we may have a few additional devotees!

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