The Cat DeTorns

We revisited The tableau from Halloween 2017 when Jo lived with us as our au pair. Jo was dressed up as a cat and Lake dressed as a pony last year. So sweet! Now Luisa is our wonderful au pair and Jo is back visiting for ten days. It’s lovely. Lake and Jo are very happy to be reunited together again. Also Luisa and Jo are having a good time together. And we have a revival of the Au Pair Halloween costume party! The cat returns* for Halloween 2018!

*The Cat Returns is also a reference to the Studio Gibli film which is Lake’s all time favorite film. (He’s seen two so far.) He does ask to watch it anytime it looks likely: Daddy is nearby and the laptop or projector is visible, or when he’s just simply feeling optimistic/hopeful. He would like to “push the Button and watch the Cat DeTorns. Eat PopTorn, eat Ap-ples.”

Three resident cats. Two German au pairs. One Halloween. A perfect day for Lake!

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