Santa Baby

Lake receives a quintessential red tricycle from NanaBaba for Christmas! Look at that joy! And the best part is, Lake gets to spend ten whole days with NanaBaba in Aberdeen riding that tricycle and so many other important events! To help Baba make the fire in the morning… what joy! For Lake it’s the simple pleasures and surprises of each moment that infuse his days with the spirit of wonder and delight, and give life its meaning. Baba reports from the homefront:
I was crumpling newspaper this morning when Lake hailed me from high up on the stairs where he could first spy the living room. With glee! We had talked about building the fire in the morning, and here he was, ready and raring to go!

That’s our Santa Baby, do’in the present moment, having a grand time with NanaBaba, and going on lots of adventures… to Quinault, the neighbors, and surely to the ocean…

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