Discovery Park

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday, a great day to discover at Discovery Park with Lake, Langley Michael and Jamma Julie! Since Mama’s Saturday birthday was spent hiking with the pharmacist adults to Franklin Falls while Lake stayed home and played with Jamma Julie, it was special to all go out all together again on Sunday. We walked through the trees a bit and then stayed up on the bluff predominantly soaking in the views and the rays. Lake played in the sand dune “build a house; making a door” and tried to befriend a few other kids. He was motivated to walk home by following a girl or as Lake affectionately says “guirrel” (rhymes with squirrel when said by a native German speaker!). He would run up in front of her then turn around to face her then tried to walk next to her with his arm around her. She didn’t seem that interested but he wasn’t deterred. Finally she whispered something to him and ran off. He came back to hold hands with me and seemed self satisfied. What did she say to you, I asked, curious. “That she was going to run up to be with her mom,” he replied, not at all put out. I’m inspired how he sees everything as it is, and in an optimistic light. We had a great time and Langley was the star of the bluff. We actually met a 5 month old Leonbuger puppy and they were sooo cute together, cuddling together a bit. Julie and Michael got a nice catch up too. Mother and son. Boy and dog. Father and son. Man and dog. We basked in the sunshine and camaraderie and made some lovely discoveries about ourselves and each other. A perfect day (especially the blue skies), I’m glad I spent it with you!

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