Gum Wall: a Seattle “must see”

Looking for something to do on a rainy afternoon? The locals’ guide to the unique vibe of Seattle? Some cities have Wall Street, Seattle has Gum Wall. A Seattle pop culture icon, along with the Fremont Troll, Christmas Tree burning at Golden Gardens, Bruce Lee grace on Queen Anne, Jimmy Hendrix statue on Capitol Hill and… (what’s your favorite pop culture icon?) the Gum Wall Of Post Alley is a must see on any scavenger hunt of the city or whirlwind visit from out of town.

Find chewing gum stuck to the wall too base? The city agreed and in an attempt to clean up its act, the gun wall was scraped clean a few years back. Within days it had reappeared (thanks to many devoted jaws!) and was once again tactlessly gracing the old brick wall of Post Alley in Pike Place Market. A must see, really! Pop on over to chicklet it out!

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