Good Eater

It was one of my parenting goals since well before Day 1, that my son would be a healthy appreciative eater, a real French garçon. Our au pair job description listed assiduous development of our son’s palate, “We look forward to your dedication and enthusiasm with assiduously developing Lake’s palate and sensory appreciation. By cooking and introducing different healthful foods you will be contributing to his culinary education.” It’s working out well. He’s starting to get noticed. He’s always loved apples and carrots and tofu since he was able to eat, at about 7 months old. I’m proud to report his culinary and gastronomic education continues to go well in the ensuing time interval. When queried today, “what are your favorite foods?” “Second one, I like chicken!” he replies exuberantly. “Second you like chicken? So do you have a favorite? What do you like best?” I asked. “Soup! I like soup! I like soup and chicken, Nora”

He likes all vegetables except he’s not keen on leafy greens, but loves cucumbers and he’ll try to steal them off you (asking sweetly first!)! and of course he loves carrots. He especially loves all fruits. One of his favorite traditions is a pear bath (see Peach Bath), or more specifically “cold pear bath” which involves sitting in the kitchen sink “bath tub” eating frozen pear quarters, sometimes with a glass of soy milk (always “I want big soy milk”and/or oats “milk bath” and “oats bath”.

He’s often asking at anytime of the day or night for oats and raisins and soy milk. Oatmeal is a true staple in our home. Recently I taught him how to eat olives with pits!

Of course he loves pomme frites and crisps and cakes and sweets, too. Just this morning he asked me ever so sweetly, “I have a small cookie please? A small one?” How could I say no? It was the “please” combined with the “small”, it really went straight to my heart. And of course he also wanted a “big soy milk” and directly afterwards a whole banana in the peel. He likes to hold the banana whole holding onto the bottom part in the peel. He likes to eat it that way like a grown up, getting some help halfway down to peel the peel the rest of the way back. For the most part Lake’s a good eater. He’ll sit a while and eat a bit.

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