I want my *so’cks* off. I want my socks off Mommy. I’ll sleep much better.

Large Baffle Lion

I’m going to Morocco. I’ll see you later.

Bye-bye! See you later. I’m going to Ketchikan on my boat!

I like your hair down. I don’t like your hair up. I like your hair down. It’s beautiful!

I need you Mami. I need you.

can you read that? It’s on German! Can you talk on it?

“I want to *carry* you! I want to carry you Mama!” Switching only once to the more proper but less whimsical “I want you to carry me” on 2/26/19.

“morning clothes” or “day clothes ” vs pajamas

My feet are getting so long!

I’m getting bigger every day.

I’m running so I get stronger so I can play baseball!

Are we tourning? It’s my turn; it’s your turn?

We can purprise Daddy!

Goodnight downstairs. Goodnight books!

A perfect day of toddler speak. I’m so glad I’m here with you, hearing all this preciousness!

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