Wheee… we’re in BC!

After just a little bit of sleep not a big bit of sleep just a little bit of sleep (Lake gesturing with his fingers ) we set out on the bathtub ferry boat for Granville Island Public Market, and then bussed up to the University of British Columbia where we saw the largest Blue Whale skeleton ever (well, at least in Canada), and plotted Lake’s future academic career at UBC. Then we visited one of my own favorite college haunts, The Naam, the 24 hour vegetarian health food restaurant open since the 1960’s that has such soul. Mid-chopstick, Lake took his nap right there on the banquet while we enjoyed our tea and dessert and chatted in the sunny window seats reminiscing about college days and swapping stories about our first jobs. A perfect day… so nice to explore British Columbia and Vancouver, Canada with Luisa, Lake, and Michael!

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