Sploosh! Sleep Dreams!

Lake’s got the cutest expressions still. Every day something sweet and fresh. His latest take on the night time ritual is Sleep Dreams! And he says I’m going to dream on it when I went Sploosh! He’s referring to his most exciting event of the weekend, at the UBC campus Lake was ready to dive right in.

He was running all around their water features and we thought, it’s only a matter of time before he falls in. He actually cleared the fountain. Then, as we were heading out, he tipped over into their central campus entrance water feature, a chain of ponds and gentle waterfalls. As I came running he actually turned around so fast and scrambled up onto the walkway again. By the time I got there he was just coming up for air. I wasn’t sure if his exhale was going to bring laughter or tears. It turned into the biggest shocked horrified bloody murder scream. And as he tells the story, he went Sploosh! And Mama got him dry. Indeed, we directly stripped off all his drenched clothes right here in the middle of campus and quickly cobbled together a dry outfit: his jacket he was luckily was wasn’t wearing, our last dry diaper, mama’s socks, and Luisa’s scarf.

Riding up on the safely of daddy’s shoulders we went in search of lunch. From there, Mama spotted a children boutique and ran across the street to buy Lake a new (dry) emergency outfit and shoes. After all the excitement, he fell asleep on the restaurant banquette. Sleep Dreams, Lake!

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