Hakuna Matata Hiking

Hiking in the springtime is as good of reason as any to walk with stick in hand. Or run with stick and sing Hakuna Matata. Means no worries! Over and over at the top of your lungs.

For Langley it’s extra nice having a rest stop along the way. He’s a bit like a donkey in that regard: stubborn! Lake is more than happy to oblige and join in having a sit in the dirt. Hakuna Matata.

Lake likes to say, I’m a funny guy! It’s true too. He said I liked our visit to Jamma Julie. We had a great visit. Also with Grandpa Ken and Gramma Annie. We even brought Langley with us.

Langley had a grand time lounging outside on the hillside estate a overlooking Hood Canal. He thought he’d fully immerse himself in the resort lifestyle and go for a quick dip in the pool. Okay, so maybe he accidentally fell in and it wasn’t totally intentional. Michael guided him to the stairs out as he swam his own rescue. We weren’t quite sure what he thought of that. Hakuna Matata!