Live Streaming

Lake likes to name the city parks nearby, giving them new names. Cowen Park is Tom Park named after the day Tom took him there for some early memories on the swing set engaged in the mindblowing activities of swinging and under dogs. Then the Ravenna Park playground is called Kerry Park, not to be confused with the Kerry Park on Queen Anne which he probably hears the au pairs talking about for picture taking opportunities, like this one.

Last Sunday afternoon Tom Youderian, our family friend of aforementioned “Tom Park” fame came over with his wife Mandy to pay Lake a visit. After having some “chotlate” soy milk and refreshments on the back deck, we all went out for a walk.

Langley led us on a walk down into Ravenna Park… right down into the creek! It was a very hot day and the water was cool and refreshing.

That also looked like a swell idea to Lake, so off came the shoes and socks and a toe was dipped.

After that full-on live streaming commenced! That entailed throwing rocks while wading back and forth and upstream and downstream through the water. Tom Park Tom joined right in!

Live streaming is awesome! A perfect Sunday, I’m glad I spent it with you!

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