Piano Maestro

We picked up Michael at the “hostible” on our way to John Riley’s piano concert in Somerset, Bellevue earlier this month. He played Brahms and Rachmaninoff beautifully. He and his duet partner each introduced one of the pieces and then they played for an hour while the sun went low on the horizon. Lake sat for the first piece and went outside to explore the neighboring green belt for the second. Afterwards Lake took a turn at the piano. Jay stepped in to provide accompaniment. The crowd gathered and when he finished everyone clapped. Lake took a bow.

“You’re going to be famous someday, you know that?” They were saying to him. He had very nice form and style. He was pretending to read the music and would intermittently turn the page at appropriate intervals. His playing was surprisingly solid. Later that night at home in our pajama lounge Lake was introducing his dance performance antics.

“Goodnight. Sweet dreams. I will see you on the morning!”

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