My Sunshine

After a month-long spell of outsourcing the nightly Mama cuddle to grandparents and Daddy, I felt well enough to cuddle with Lake. I’d been missing him sorely this whole time and missing our special goodnight cuddle. So, last night I was singing to Lake one of our classic bedtime songs: “You are My Sunshine.” (We also have Twinkle Twinkle, Baby Boats, and Lake Bake.

“Hey, I have something to say… Someone is going to take me away. Nana! Nana is going to take me away.”

My clever funny guy – today Piper wanted to kiss him!

It’s true, after three weeks of Nana in da house, she’s departing on Saturday and taking Lake back to spend a week with NanaBaba at Camp West. It’s good I got a cuddle in! And those two are pretty incredible- quite a pair. They walk the neighborhood in the evening after dark in their worker-clothes on patrol, to see if trash needs picking up or other tasks, and to check on the local building construction projects. Then Lake declares he wants to walk to Greenlake and touch the water so they do that in spite of the fact it’s dark and raining.

Nana to Lake: You are amazing. Lake to Nana: you are amazing!

The unstoppable team!

From all of us to Nana, you are amazing. Thank you for spending this special time with us. We appreciate all your hard work, support, and unflagging energy. Perfect days… we’re glad you spent them with us!

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