Feeling Tied Down?

Feeling glum? Feeling tied down at the moment? No where to go? No friends to see?

Hopefully the warmer weather is enticing you outside and is cheering you up! It’s essential business to turn that tied down feeling around— for a change try feeling tied up instead! All tied up with fun!

Do something silly! Sunday morning we put on baby clothes for fun, looking for one that would fit an almost four year old. It was heeeee-larious! “I’m getting heee-larious!” Lake exclaimed with absolute five star glee. This cos-play is not reserved for toddlers. Anyone can be silly with costumes! Clown around by donning on your kids’ clothes, your partner’s clothes, your old Halloween costume! You’re bound to get a laugh!

Lake wearing his 6 m shirt and mama’s mittens! Heeeee-larious!

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