Nature Bathing, season ticket holders/front row seats

An unseen deer exploring the dawn

Deer tracks greeted us on the beach this morning. Our neighbors spotted a large bull moose one morning last week. The sleepy Summer days unfold with all the excitement and action of the theatre.

Forested foothills

We enjoy front row season tickets to this nature bath show. Water laps the shore where large bass break through the surface with a loud flip flap, taunting osprey and bald eagles with their shiny flash all day long. A soundtrack of birdsong and rustling branches filters through the dappled light of the forest canopy. Resident hummingbirds whir and flit over the front porch, checking the dead pine branches for nectar. Inhaling deeply the dry air reveals faint traces of fish and fresh baked pine.

Alpine glow/Aqua glow

Sunset infuses the ripples with pink and blue liquid gold. The red Old Town canoe glides us over the dusk and into the night as bats swoop and dart like kamikaze. As the moon gains in lumens, this Summer’s comet appears to silent applause as the curtain drops on the day. Coyotes yip and howl to the night.

Comet Neomax accompanying Lady Kitty’s nocturnal ministrations

The healing power of nature bathes our world as the weeks slip stealthily by.

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