Let’s do this!

Lady Kitty reaching out, says, “Let’s do this!”

Lady Kitty surprised us with her first wave of hello and goodbye today. She has a very royal wave indeed. Too funny! Yesterday she experienced a swing and could hold her smile big enough or long enough; she was beside herself with delight!

Children really light up the world. Lake was entertaining us with such joy at the dinner table last night. Nana shared with us, and then we were all acting it out and laughing so hard about an old neighbor dog of NanaBaba that would yap in the night, and the owner who would bellow Kiki. The neighbor and his dog Kiki had a nightly act of call and response. Then Lake howled with delight to see Nana act out how he had been reclining on the kayak with her earlier in the day, being lazy, letting Nana do all the paddling.

Lake alert, setting out

We went out in the canoe and kayak this evening to sit on the water with the bats. I like watching them darting along the water eating bugs while the light bleeds out of the sky. Dusk on the water is so peaceful and refreshing. If feeling world weary, be lightened by a moment in nature.

Be rejuvenated by the joy of children. Such trust. Such exuberance. Such pure hearted courage and curiosity. But don’t lose focus on the big picture of global climate and much needed social justice; if anything redouble your efforts in the name of the children. It’s their world —they’re inheriting it from us—its problems and its beauty. We’re all tasked as caretakers. We’re all in this together. Lady Kitty smiles and waves and exudes encouragement. Let’s do this, she seems say, urging us on toward unity and the greater good.

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