Beach Babes

Happy as can be with her Daddy!

Lady Kitty loves the water. Though she’s barely able to stand, she’s thrilled to try out stand up paddle boarding! With a week of hot weather expected, we truly appreciate the cooling presence of the lake.

A fire 200 miles away, near Yakima, blew smoke to us suddenly yesterday. Thankfully it doid not seem to bother the kids at all, though I had trouble breathing. It harkened back to 2017 when the air was thick with wildfires. Oddly, the smoke did not bother me then. Looking back, it was notably smoky.

Historical photo: Newman Lake 5 September 2017

We count our good fortune the air cleared today. Lady Kitty and I went for a hike and then took a refreshing swim. Our hearts go out to all those still battling the wildfires and the ensuing smoke.

A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you at the beach.