Happy New Year!

We here at A Perfect Day wish you, dear Reader, a wonderful, cozy and joyful New Year’s Eve and a very Happy New Year!

It is on a hopeful note that we ring in 2021. Maybe the roaring twenties will begin to simmer down to a contented purr. Michael just got his first dose of covid vaccine yesterday and we are sheltering together on this rainy weekend with the best of friends. We are so grateful to our friends, family and neighbors who made all the difference in 2020. The year that felt the seismic impact of covid-19. And gave the world several vaccines at the close. The year that gave us Lady Kitty. And yielded the fruits of new friendships.

And today, as every day, I can earnestly say if I pause to consider it with gratitude: A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!

Covid Christmas

Everything was a little upside down this year; a tad off kilter; a bit kattywampus; “unprecedented” was the descriptive refrain.

This year’s holidays, being no exception, progressed thusly encumbered. A little less festive, a lot less large gatherings (aka “parties”), and we must’ve forgone our Nutcracker ballet tradition.

It’s a covid Christmas!

Nonetheless, merrymakers we managed to be. In the stead of large gatherings we enjoyed a few of our traditions as well as a smattering of new whimsical and creative fêtes: a private symphony concert al Fresca, front yard bonfire etcetera. Holidays are often the highlights of childhood. It was Lady Kitty’s first Christmas after all! We commenced to withhold no efforts in introducing her to our very best version. And for Lake, at four years old, truly nothing can dampen the thrill of the advent, Santa, and Christmas coming. Lake was focused on the holiday like never before, his emotions running high. He was by turns devastated that Christmas wasn’t tomorrow yet, and devastated that Christmas would soon be over, and ecstatic that Christmas was coming and ecstatic that Christmas was finally here. (What joy!)

Like magic, a touch of “white Christmas” preceded the day.

Here and gone, like the gift of a white glazing of wet snow leading up to the final days before Christmas. The memories of time spent together, however, are not ephemeral. When the ribbons settle, and the wrapping paper is recycled, the friendships are the true gifts that remain.

Bringing the party to Jamma Julie— the Christmas Eve Birthday Girl!
Santa Tom came to play.
Best friends can only be kept apart so long.
Auntie Jessica finally meeting Lady Kitty
Nana wouldn’t miss it for the world. We were so blessed with her presence.

We are grateful we were able to see so many dear ones this holiday season whose friendships sustain us. We carried on, calmly I hope. Respectfully and prudently I trust. In shifts. Not all at once. Sometimes at a distance. Sometimes together. Some virtually. Some not at all. We kept up some play dates. We kept up the cheer. We spread love, not fear of Covid, this year.