Happy 100th Birthday, Ruth!

Ruth Mary Thompson (born 1/21/21) has a special place in our family as the iconic matriarch. Think of the Queen of England (born 4/21/26). Whenever I see images of Queen Elizabeth II, young or current, I am reminded of my grandmother and these women’s similarities of style and character—elegant, stoic, generous and not predisposed to fuss.

My husband met Ruth briefly in the month before she passed away and was impressed by her jolly outlook. He admires my family genes with an endearing sense of awe: “Of the few phenomenal people I’ve known in my life, your mother (Ruth’s daughter) is certainly one of them. Of the many different types of genius a person might possess, your mother has one or more.” Ruth, like her daughter, had a steadfastness and zeal for life that was unflagging. Undeterred by challenges, she met life head on and with grace.

In me, and in Lady Kitty, these sparks stay alive. I’m comforted knowing that my daughter carries the Thomson strength inside her as well. For all the future trials we may face face, having a role model like Ruth is an indisputable asset. She passed away 10 years ago at the age 90. We miss her but live on inspired and carrying her heritage.

Ruth at 88 in 2009

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