Lady Kitty and the Big Snow

Seattle has a tradition these past three years of saving up the annual snowfall for a Big Snow in February. As Lady Kitty concludes her first year, she experienced her first really big snow. It had dusted a bit prior to Christmas which was really quite lovely. And then this weekend—President’s Day weekend—we were graced with absolutely heaps of snow. We had a pop-up piste out our front door. Ski-in/ski-out was delivered express to our doorstep.

The whole city turned out in support of winter sport. We walked everywhere as much as our feet could carry us, taking in the sights: legions of snowmen rolled up overnight, snowboarders caught air at Greenlake, and cross-country skiers swooshed to and fro going about their business.

I spoke with Lake at NanaBaba’s who said, “I didn’t know there was snow in Seattle too!” Yup, loads of snow Lake! Nearly a whole foot! The cats didn’t know what to make of it. Mr. Silky comically walked outside like the snow was on fire. Mr. Cat went in and out a lot.

Mr. Cat couldn’t decide …return indoors
Or remain outside

Lady Kitty bundled up to keep cozy warm and took it all in stride.

A perfectly snowy weekend, I’m glad I spent it with you.

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