Five Years a Parent

Thinking of a wish…

Every birthday of your firstborn is an anniversary of parenthood. Michael and I celebrated five years today. We were showered with the presence (and quite a few presents much to Lake’s delight) of friends and family who turned out in an enthusiastic herd for Lake’s 5th Birthday party at Gasworks Park—like lizards coming out of hibernation we basked in the gorgeous sunshine and equally warm glow of each other’s company. It was reminiscent of our last big pre-Covid era birthday— Lake’s Third Birthday. Today guests had “a blast!” and 46 donuts and most of an entire donut cake disappeared amongst the merriment. We thank all for Lake’s kind birthday wishes. It was incredibly meaningful to have a memorable event marking Lake turning five years old and heading to Kindergarten in the autumn. Thank you!

“Happy Birthday Lake!! We love being parents—and not just any parents… your parents! I could snug you forever, too.”

The kids were thrilled for a real party after feeling deprived for so long, as one British mum noted.
Grateful for our au pairs (the devoted Madeline shown here twinning for the party with Lady Kitty)—a winning family alliance.

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