Glamping Girl

Big smiles in the tent
Couldn’t get enough of the wagon rides

Michael was working, and Lake is with Nana and Baba, so Lady Kitty and I were the sole Murphy-VanLannen representatives who went north to the hills of Lake Whatcom to do a little weekend glamping with old friends for the quasi-annual Quinault “Family” Reunion. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces convening in the great outdoors for friendship, connection and laughter. Old friendships such as these are a treasure. Many of the Quinault Family (friends and USDA Forest Service coworkers of my parents) met me when I was about Lady Kitty’s age. Now the Quinault “grand-kids” are playing together! Lady Kitty is such a good sport. She was happy to warm up to the friendly crowd, and waved goodnight to each and every one around the fire circle -twice. She slept “like a baby” in the tent all the night through. It was gorgeous to wake up to her sleeping peacefully next to me, all cuddled up.

Saturday she learned how to communicate the negative. She has been able to reliably grunt assent for a while now and we appreciated her ability to convey her wishes. Now we can be even more certain of her desires, because if she means no, now she will shake her head no. This is a big step forward in clear communication, and possibly the end of all the sweetness. For now, though, she retains her sweetness and simply replies affirmative (grunt) or negative (head shake) as she prefers.

A perfect day. I’m glad I spent it with you.

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