Princess Power(s)

Lake is in his second week of Kindergarten. He says, “it’s not my First Day at this rodeo.” Lake has his Sun Powers and he has all the powers (when pressed to elaborate that includes: lighting powers, rock powers, shoe powers, and of course the strongest powers: gun powers). He has all the powers except the “dark powers “ which were stolen by George. I was asking him about the peace powers and the love powers. They are the actually the strongest powers I assured him.

For me, I also have my Princess Powers.

A small quarantine hobby turned into a slight obsession. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is my style icon. She projects poise, polish, and portrays steadiness of character and love and all the while elegance, cheer, and good humor.

Many call it Copy Kate, or Copy Catherine. For me Duchess dressing adds a touch of glamor and sophistication to the sometimes doldrums of adulting.

When faced with an impossible day, I try to invoke my inner duchess to face the challenges with grace, or quite literally don an outfit that the princess wore. There’s nothing like wearing a princess outfit to help me feel up to the challenge. My husband likes to remind me that she is a millionaire and we are not, however she aims to stay relatable and therefore as a parent, I have the feeling she manages many of the same trials as I do. Aiming to weave in the five elements of successful early years parenting as championed by HRH, (take time for yourself, teach your kids to give back, bond with other mums, spend time in nature, lean on family),

a perfect day to invoke Princess Powers might look like this:


Feed Lady Kitty when she wakes up


Take Lake to meet carpenter contractor at condo for plumbing repairs

Take Lake to say goodbye —sold!—to the apartment we lived in when he was born.

Drop Lake off at Kindergarten

Home to meet electrical contractor


Pick up Lake from Kindergarten

Share a quick lunch/snack with my son and hear his impressions from his first school days.

Clean Airbnb Apartment


Walk to the the Park with the kids after work to hang out with the neighbors

Dress Family in freshly ironed Outfits

Meet Photographer at Lake’s Kindergarten for Golden Hour Back to School Photos

Smoothies for dinner

Bed! —Whew!

📷 Chamonix Browne – The Happy Film Company

A perfect day… I’m glad I spent it with you!