Daddy’s Girl

In Daddy’s arms, sunshine bursts onto the scene of the otherwise solemn expression of Lady Kitty’s picture face. PC Chamonix Browne

As a birthday gift to himself Michael took a month of accrued paid leave and has been on an extended stay-cation. He’s been able to visit his sister and family in Ketchikan for ten of those days and otherwise catching up on being himself and getting back into lap swimming. To my delight he has been spending ample time in the kitchen crafting up aromatic and delicious innovations to regale us with for dinner. In short, it’s lovely having him home.

Nowhere is he more appreciated than with the kiddos. Michael is a fun dad, always surprising the kids with the unexpected. They light up around him and he does the same, especially in the presence of Lady Kitty. With a swing through the air or a sudden galloping horse ride, he quickly brings out the joy for Lady Kitty. She thrives on his attention and laughs and reaches out for him. He, in turn, has many kisses and craziness for her.

Michael and Lady Kitty are a sweet pair and there’s even a hint she might be developing into a Daddy’s Girl. Or maybe he’s leaning into Daddy’s Girl. Either way, it’s mutual and it’s a perfect day. I’m so glad I spent it with you!

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