Birthday Kisses

First Birthday

Lady Kitty giving Mama a kiss to commemorate her first birthday

First Birthday Official Portrait
Lady Kitty opening her birthday first birthday present from Mama (Grace Glassybaby)

Second Birthday

Lady Kitty just turned two and she’s still giving Mama the sweetest kisses. “Owah!” I say when she accidentally bonks me in the head. She carefully gives me kisses on the site of injury. She’s thoughtful and compassionate. Focussed and quick to learn from her big brother. She’s happy to play hard with Lake and always happiest outside. She’s a “baby engineer”, quickly becoming a baby toddler. This year we travelled out of state for her birthday, visiting friends and family. We were showered with the love of friendships that make life sweet and rich. May you always know such abundance. She was blessed with a cake wherever we went, and after three cakes and some tips from Lake, she got well practiced in blowing out her own candles.

Cake #1–Lake shows her the ropes
Cake #2 and her second birthday present from Mama –Above the Clouds Again Glassybaby (not shown)
Cake #3 — with a little help from Nana getting in position, Lady Kitty blows out her own candles.
Happy 2nd birthday Lady Kitty! May all your wishes come true!
Second Birthday Official Portrait

We love you Lady Kitty! Mama loves you! We’re so glad you’ve blessed our lives for two years now. Wishing you a very happy year to come, and many, many more. A perfect birthday, I’m glad I spent it with you!

Van Gogh Immersion

Van Gogh if you can Gogh! Nana treated us to the Immersive Experience and we had so much fun. Highly recommend. Great way to expose little ones to a great artist and to be able to run and play with the masterpieces. We’re going to sleep well!

Lake on Van Gogh, “He saw color so swirly and beautiful”

And a few notable quotes from Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh said “there is nothing more truly artistic than loving people.”

“Sketching is like planting seeds to grow paintings.”

“Color itself speaks its own language, you cannot live without it.”

“If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere.”

“Nature always begins by resisting the artist, but he who really takes it seriously he will not be put off by that opposition.”

“I put my heart and soul into my work, and I lost my mind in the process “

Thank you for sharing this truly immersive experience with us Clarence and Nana —and most especially Vincent!

Virtual Valentine’s Day

Royally in Love, On the Road to Recovery
📸 PC Madeline Jung

This year we are celebrating Valentine’s Day virtually. Lake brought covid home from Kindergarten ten days ago and quickly shared it with his unvaccinated one year old sister. It took a few days until I succumbed as well. So, I’m still in covid quarantine and Michael is quarantining separately in the Airbnb. He’s working really hard to stay negative so he can continue to support his hospital. But that means he’s not as available to support us. We wave and mime kisses through the glass door, and we’ve ducked out for a few walks.

It’s been a long lonely go of single parenting two sick kiddos while sick myself. Mothers everywhere can relate to this unenviable position. So I has been looking somewhat desperately forward to a romantic date night with Michael at the ballet over the weekend to celebrate Valentines Day. When the realization that there was simply no possibility we could attend finally penetrated the dense layers of covid haze, I was crestfallen. Thankfully the PNW Ballet graciously changed our tickets so we have Swan Lake to look forward to in a few months. But for now it’s a case of all dressed up and no place to go— That’s Michael holding his breath in the back of the Fiat to mark the occasion.

We are celebrating our love this virtual Valentine’s Day by infusing a wee bit of fun into our covid-dampened days. We are finding ways of keeping our family together and strong, even when it means we’re apart. We wish you and your families a very happy Valentine’s Day this year. Know that even if you’re alone, you are loved. May you be well!