Birthday Kisses

First Birthday

Lady Kitty giving Mama a kiss to commemorate her first birthday

First Birthday Official Portrait
Lady Kitty opening her birthday first birthday present from Mama (Grace Glassybaby)

Second Birthday

Lady Kitty just turned two and she’s still giving Mama the sweetest kisses. “Owah!” I say when she accidentally bonks me in the head. She carefully gives me kisses on the site of injury. She’s thoughtful and compassionate. Focussed and quick to learn from her big brother. She’s happy to play hard with Lake and always happiest outside. She’s a “baby engineer”, quickly becoming a baby toddler. This year we travelled out of state for her birthday, visiting friends and family. We were showered with the love of friendships that make life sweet and rich. May you always know such abundance. She was blessed with a cake wherever we went, and after three cakes and some tips from Lake, she got well practiced in blowing out her own candles.

Cake #1–Lake shows her the ropes
Cake #2 and her second birthday present from Mama –Above the Clouds Again Glassybaby (not shown)
Cake #3 — with a little help from Nana getting in position, Lady Kitty blows out her own candles.
Happy 2nd birthday Lady Kitty! May all your wishes come true!
Second Birthday Official Portrait

We love you Lady Kitty! Mama loves you! We’re so glad you’ve blessed our lives for two years now. Wishing you a very happy year to come, and many, many more. A perfect birthday, I’m glad I spent it with you!

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  1. There’s precious Lady Kitty celebrating her 2nd birthday with her amazing family! We love all of you.
    Neil and Janet

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