Summertime Siblings

Summertime sibling fun 📷 Nana

It really doesn’t get more Summertime siblings than this photo by Nana. Due to the extreme graciousness and seemingly boundless energy of NanaBaba, the kids get to enjoy a Summer of freedom at the lake place. This is their dream as well as a lifetime dream of mine especially to have my daughter spend her Summer there at the age of two. I was also two when my older brother and I spent a month at the lake cabin alone with our grandparents for the first time. It became a annual tradition for the next 13 years and built many warm memories, and remains my happy place.

There’s nothing quite like the love between grandparents and grandchildren. ❤️

Many many thanks to Lynn and Duane for carrying the tradition torch and hosting Lake and Lady Kitty for their best Summer experience! So special!

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