Bundled up good! All ready to go! Mummy is getting ready to walk us to the local UW Health Sciences shuttle stop to transport us directly to Harborview.

Brrrr, it’s cold outside!

Our new commute is underway. It takes us 15 minutes to walk to the shuttle stop. It used to be half block, but the new 15 minute walk was very nice too. Such a pretty day… the mountains were stunning. We admired the Cascades to the East and the Olympics to the west once we were on the shuttle underway as we crossed over the Eastlake Union I 5 bridge. 

Then, zippity doo da: we’ve arrived! We’ve arrived at school! Time to unbundle. 

Big smiles!

After a great day at work and school we reverse our commute. We retrace our steps. We catch the shuttle back to the University District:

Tuckered out… dinner and a nap are fitting

And now we are back home! Such a trooper, Lake. You took mummy’s day in stride. It’s incredibly special to have spent the day with you. Thank you for being such a willing commuter. A perfect day…I’m glad I spent it with you. 

Cozy at home!

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