Pho Fan

Lake is getting more and more interested in exploring our food. Last night he got a basilica stalk from Daddy. He gripped that thing so tightly. It stayed in his hand and he chewed on it throughout the second half of our dinner. 

First half he was showing strong interest in the pho bowl, sucking on the side and gazing longingly into the depths of the broth. Lake, I know just how you feel little man. Pho mesmerizes me too… I love it on a cold night. 

He’s Pho Than Brothers newest fan!

Dream Feed

Mondays I work late so Lake was asleep when I got home at 2030. I had the ongoing Monday evening dilemma of what to do. Wake Lake up for a late dinner or get woken up in the night for Lake’s “midnight snack?” 

Mr. Cat weighs the options

He was so sweetly fast asleep, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t wake him up. But then time passed and my milk ducts had been all the while productive. It got to the point where I didn’t have a choice. I woke up at 0200 with super full milkies. Full and hard and uncomfortable. Since Lake is still getting 90% of his nutrition from breast feeding (he eats some banana or applesauce snacks during the week at Bright Horizons) and I still haven’t been pumping, it’s up to the both of us. We are in it together. I went looking for my baby. I picked him up out of his sweet sleep for a “dream feed”. He stayed asleep but diligently suckled away for an hour. Sweet dreams, happy waking. He was very happy in the morning, waking up on a tank half full instead of empty!

Who me?
Oh, yes, very happy!
Sweater hand knitted by Susan Aldworth