Base Camp

It’s like a dream, a good dream, having Nana and Grandpa staying with us in our new home. They helped us move in with invaluable resources of strength, generosity and mad skills. Nana stayed on to continue working on moving projects and easing our transition. We hope they will spend increasingly more and more time with us here over the years. In their honor we named our MIL AUD: Base Camp. 

This morning I took Lake in to spend some waking time with Nana while I showered. Ahhh, cherishing the moment of a shower made possible today. I reflected again on how lucky we are to have family in the house. So enriching for everyone!

Today Nana is leaving to go off on her periodic adventures. The mountains are calling here for a hike at Mt. Rainier. We will surely miss you. I’ve tasked Lake with becoming even more irresistible and winning while you’re away. Come back soon and stay long! We love and appreciate you Nana and Grandpa!

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