Domestic Bliss

Lake prefers to sleep just barely peeking out from under his blankets with his animal guardians on standby. He pulls the cozy mass of woolly blankets up to, and sometimes over, his head. At Bright Horizons, per government regulations, there is nothing allowed in the napping cribs besides a pacifier, which Lake doesn’t use, so he turns over onto his tummy to cozy his face into the jersey sheet. At home, however, where he is free to choose his own path, he really piles it on. This is my daily delightful Good Morning picture:

His cozy nest of blankets in his cedar hope chest bed

Lake and I, we cherish our time at home! During the work week it is confined lately to the few dark hours of mornings and evenings. Such sweet evenings with my baby! We have a good time together. As good of a time as I could possibly imagine. 

Homecoming Dance

And then… Daddy comes home. It blows my mind. They are quite the pair! I’ve never heard Lake giggle so much as when Daddy comes home and starts making faces and playing with him. 

Boys’ Bliss

Domestic Bliss

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