Dream Feed

Mondays I work late so Lake was asleep when I got home at 2030. I had the ongoing Monday evening dilemma of what to do. Wake Lake up for a late dinner or get woken up in the night for Lake’s “midnight snack?” 

Mr. Cat weighs the options

He was so sweetly fast asleep, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t wake him up. But then time passed and my milk ducts had been all the while productive. It got to the point where I didn’t have a choice. I woke up at 0200 with super full milkies. Full and hard and uncomfortable. Since Lake is still getting 90% of his nutrition from breast feeding (he eats some banana or applesauce snacks during the week at Bright Horizons) and I still haven’t been pumping, it’s up to the both of us. We are in it together. I went looking for my baby. I picked him up out of his sweet sleep for a “dream feed”. He stayed asleep but diligently suckled away for an hour. Sweet dreams, happy waking. He was very happy in the morning, waking up on a tank half full instead of empty!

Who me?
Oh, yes, very happy!
Sweater hand knitted by Susan Aldworth

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